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Yoga with Roksana

Yoga classes in nature


June 2019 The Yoga Tree Okinawa was born, my dream yoga and healing space. A place where everyone are welcome, and will receive yoga, and spiritual growth support. 
Please make sure to check more at www.yogatreeokinawa.com
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My yoga journey began in year 2007 while I was looking for ways to cure my aching body, and instantly it became my passion.

After years of self study I began to realize that my dream is to share yoga joy with others. In 2014 I joined Iyengar Yoga Assistant Teacher Training, in March 2015 I completed 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and registered with Yoga Alliance. Since then I had the chance to teach yoga in Bali, Poland, and Japan.

I offer variety of classes from private, studio as well as Beach yoga. I teach Vinyasa yoga, Hatha flow, Restorative, Yin yoga.

In 2017 during my first pregnancy I started deepening my knowledge about Prenatal and Mama and Baby yoga, guiding future and new moms on their yoga journey gives my so much joy, I love it.

I am also a certified Reiki practitioner, combining healing power of reiki and yoga in my private yoga sessions. My biggest satisfaction is to watch how yoga makes people alive, happy and conscious.


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"I have taken Roksana’s classes for little over a month and all I can say is


I have chronic back pain and last week (the day after her class) a miracle happened. I woke up absolutely pain-free. That hasn’t happened in years. I bent down to pick up my puppy and felt something was missing. At first it was pretty strange. I didn’t know exactly what was missing and then it hit me, THE BACK PAIN WAS GONE.

I only took the class because one of my Japanese friends urged me to go. I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I said sure. I was really skeptical because she said the classes were being held in Roksana’s small apartment. Turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Roksana’s voice is so soothing and her instructions are clear and intuitive.

The classes are typically small (3-4 students) (but once she had 8 adults) in her tiny Japanese-style apartment and it totally worked. Roksana’s is very knowledgeable but not in an obnoxious “I know everything and I am so spiritual” kinda way. She is very down to earth/approachable and is always looking for ways to make the classes better. She appears to consistently research ways to improve her skills and knowledge. She impresses me as a teacher/seeker/student. I leave her classes feeling light and flexible and just plain happy.

I almost don’t write this review because I want to make sure I have a spot on Tuesdays (limited space) but I can’t be selfish. Who knows, maybe if she gets more students she’ll move to a bigger space and I’m not 100% sure that’s a good thing (again, I’m kinda selfish and possessive LOL)

But she has a passion for teaching and I want to make sure others have the pleasure of working with her. She is a gifted yoga teacher.

She has classes on Tuesday evenings 8:00pm (that’s the one I go to) and other classes on the beach on the weekends. Sunday Sunset class at Araha Beach 5:45pm is a really good alternative if you don’t like closed spaces. Ok. I’ve said enough.

Come check out this awesome yogi and see for yourself."

Gail Wells

"Roku is an amazing yoga teacher gentle on her adjustment, knows very well body alignment and she is always bringing you back to reconnect your practice with your prana. I totally recommend Roku's classes. Her voice will soothe your soul and take you deeper into your practice.

I love you Roku!"

Katy S

"Roksana is a great yoga teacher, offering traditional hatha Yoga. I enjoy her voice, her cues, and her approach to teaching. Her Saturday morning class on Araha Beach is an opportunity to connect to myself and nature as well. Great experience!"

Toni Bologna

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